Stone-Fleck™ Color Options


We offer the following colors in Stone-Fleck™ finish. However, some
options are more readily available than others.

BrownSpot_7452Brown Spot 7452 testCalvanite 7462 TESTCliff 7459
DoubleCliff 7458Double Cliff 7458 DoubleGray 7454Double Gray 7454 GrayBlend 7453Gray Blend 7453
Landslide 7460Landslide 7460 MidnightSky 7461MidnightSky 7461 Sable 7457Sable 7457
TuscanTan 7455TuscanTan 7455 WhiteSands 7456WhiteSands 7456  


NOTE: Actual colors may vary slightly due to refinishing process.